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    With Christmas around the corner, I know many of you like to give your kids' teachers a thank-you gift at Christmas. If you would like to see a list of preferences and favorites for one or more specific teachers, there is a "Teacher Favorites" form for each teacher on the blog under "Teacher Favorites." Since these are available here, the book with "hard copies" of these will not be at Co-op this year. If you have any questions on this or need help in locating them, please let me know.

  • Teacher Favorites (on the blog?)

    Hi Teachers, I am placing your Teacher Favorites on the blog (in response to a number of requests to make these available there.) (It makes it easier for people to look it up when they are home and preparing Christmas and End-of-the-Year gifts.) If you do NOT want your listing to be on the blog, please let me know, and I will remove it. Thanks, Susan

  • Teacher Favorites