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  • Cleaning out the Co-op Room

    HI Teachers, Please remove ALL of your stuff from the Co-op room by our last day, Thursday, May 23. Chemistry lab kits can stay, but other than that, pretty much everything needs to go. Even if you are teaching next year, please take your stuff home for the summer, and we will start fresh in the fall.

  • Co-op Storage Room

    Teachers  If you are storing stuff in the Co-op storage room, please do not leave bins (or anything) on the floor or on a cart. Everything must find shelf space. I have labeled shelf space so your spots will not disappear when you are teaching.

  • Updates for the week

    Hi all, 1. Second drama auditions are tomorrow night. The schedule has been sent out via e-mail.

  • Cleaning out the Co-op Storage Room

    Teachers - all of your stuff in the Co-op storage room needs to be taken home on/by the last day of Co-op. Even if you are going to use those supplies next year, we all know we have markers and glue sticks and books that need to be organized/cleaned/thrown-away - so please take EVERYTHING HOME by the last day. And for everyone - please get your display board and other stuff that was left from the Event.

  • Clean out for the Summer!

    Teachers (and everyone - but especially Teachers), It's time to clean out our Co-op Storage room for the summer.  If you have a tote(s) or a box(es) or a boom box or hula-hoops or posters or whatever in there for your class - even if you plan to use it next year - YOU NEED TO TAKE IT HOME for the summer!!  We have to start fresh in the fall - and you know that there is stuff in the bottom of your bin that really needs to be cleaned out anyway. There are also a bunch of display boards t...

  • Teachers - Time to Clean Up!