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  • Copy Costs per student for your Course Descriptions

    1-4 copies per student per week: $5 5-8 copies per student per week: $10 9-11 copies per student per week: $15 12-15 copies per student per week: $20 If you need a higher number of copies, email me for your copy amount. Your course descriptions should have: Student Fee $xx (Payable to (teacher name) Copy Fee $xx (Payable to Sovereign Grace Church) If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

  • Copies?

    Our number for copies during the month of August seems very high to me. If you have done a bunch of copying for the upcoming Co-op year, that is fine, but could you bounce me back and tell me how many you made? Just wanting to make sure that these are all of our copies.

  • Course Descriptions Due in 9 Days! (& Copies!)

    HI all, Your course descriptions are due in 9 days. Also I need to know how many copies you will be making for your students next year. Here are the breakdowns: 1.

  • Copy Fee for Next Year's Co-op

    Teachers, For next year..... I once again need to know approximately how many copies you will be making - either total each week, total for the year, total per student - whatever is easier for you to figure out. And then I need to add a copy fee to your class fee.

  • Co-op Fees going up

  • To Teachers re. Copies!