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  • Geometry (BJU) Teacher's Editions Needed

    The Co-op Geometry class is in need of a number of (BJU) Teacher's Editions (3rd Edition I believe). If you have one that a family could borrow or know of anyone that has one who would be willing to lend or you know of a good resource to get some of these for less than the $55 price, please let me know, and I will pass the information along. To the families in the class, I did see a copy on Amazon for $40 (free shipping if you have Prime - I have Prime so could order for you if that would help.)...

  • Real Science-4-Kids Biology Level I book

    Next year's 5th/6th grade Botany/Biology science class is going to mainly use Exploring Creation with Botany (Apologia) - but is going to intermittently use the Real Science-4-Kids Biology Level I book by Dr. R. W.

  • Curriculum List

    Marlene Mika has been collecting a list of curriculum that the families in our Co-op have used in the past. You can use it as a resource if you want to ask someone about a specific curriculum. It is now under Co-op Documents, and it's called "Curriculum List".

  • Curriculum Needed

    Stacey Thomas is interested in buying a used copy of Saxon 8/7 with or compatible with the cd-rom program. Please contact her at Co-op or at thomasfamilysix(at)yahoo(dot)com or at 859-797-3816.
  • Free BJU books