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  • Lost & Found

    I posted this the other day, but I think every post ever done on the blog went out, so I'm trying it again. : ) From Dawn Okada and Gina Lannon: We are looking for our 5th-6th grade Science Teachers Manual. It is a black 3-ring binder with "5th-6th Grade Science" and our names on the front.

  • Lost & Found

    We are looking for our 5th-6th grade Teachers Manual. It is a black 3-ring binder with "5th-6th Grade Science" and our names on the front. Has anyone seen it or picked it up?

  • Missing figure from nativity figure

    HI all, A figure went missing from the Nativity set in the main lobby last Thursday (the 12th). Could you ask your kids about it and see if anybody noticed anything at all? And if you find out anything, could you let me know?

  • Bowling Ball

    Does anybody know whose bowling ball is in the Co-op storage room? It's going to disappear this week if it's not claimed. Thanks!

  • (Lost?) and FOUND Items (check the list)

    A few things found post the Year End Event, the Choir Concert and the last day of Co-op: 1. Small black something (maybe a remote?) from a camera 2. A camera lens cap 3.

  • Missing adapter for our projector

    HI all, The little white adapter that adapts our projector for use with a Mac seems to be missing from the box. I will contact who seems to have used it last, but I'm not certain she is a Mac user. Anybody have it?

  • Lost Compass (the math kind)

    From Gary Helms: I left my oversized white compass (the kind you stick a marker in and make large circles on the white board) in a classroom once, and have not seen it since. Please ask your students about this and let Gary or me know if you have seen this or if you have it. Thanks so much!

  • Cleaning out the Co-op Storage Room

    Teachers - all of your stuff in the Co-op storage room needs to be taken home on/by the last day of Co-op. Even if you are going to use those supplies next year, we all know we have markers and glue sticks and books that need to be organized/cleaned/thrown-away - so please take EVERYTHING HOME by the last day. And for everyone - please get your display board and other stuff that was left from the Event.

  • Gym Bag Found

    A black Reebok bag containing navy sweats, red tennis shoes and a Kings T-shirt was found by the Sullivan family. It will be returned to the church lost and found on Thursday. For more information, please contact Cherie Sullivan.

  • Christmas Tree Stand in Lost and Found

    Drama ended up with a Christmas tree stand that no one claimed. It is currently in the church's lost and found. If not claimed, it will be donated.

  • Lost and Found

    About the first or second week of Co-op, we ended up with a BOAT LOAD of Lost and Found. It's almost time to start throwing some of this stuff away, so here is a list of what is in the bin. Please claim it NEXT WEEK if it's yours.

  • Wooden Rolling "Trash Can Type" Thing

    There is a wooden trash can looking thing on wheels (maybe home made) in our Co-op storage room. I'm wondering if it's left over from the Harvest Carnival. Does it belong to anybody?

  • Missing Walking Stick (from the Year End Event)

    From Stacey Thomas:  After looking around the church and asking people I am still missing a prop used at the year end event last May. It is a walking stick that was my grandfather's, wood, a reddish color. If anyone has seen it please let me know.

  • Help! Lost DS!

    White nintendo DS system with purple Pokemon sticker on lid, and Pokemon Black game inserted, went missing sometime after lunch today (5/12). Child remembers putting it on his backpack in the classroom just as his class was starting, but game system/game were missing by the end of class. Perhaps someone moved it to a "safe place"?

  • Lost Calculator

    The Okadas seem to have lost a calculator during testing. It's one of those nice TI...something. We think it was in the basement auditorium the last day of testing, but we are uncertain about that.

  • Have you seen me?

    Missing since last Thursday: Penny Lammon's plastic Geography box (large, pencil-sized) which holds colored pin-clips (red, blue, yellow) and multi-colored, vis-a-vis water-erasable markers for map activities during Geography class. Last seen: In the HEA storage room on the high shelf to the right as you walk in the room.  Let me know if you have seen this or if it by chance ended up in your stuff.

  • Lost DSI

    Davis Fowler left his DSI at Co-op on Tuesday. It’s black and he left it in the main auditorium upstairs during choir rehersal. Please let the Fowlers know if you found it.
  • Missing Backback!

  • Missing umbrella!

  • Lent and Lost Curriculum

  • Missing Apologia Chemistry Answer Key