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  • tell me what happened at the retreat

    We are now two days removed from the 2011 five15 Retreat ... and there is follow-up to do! There were 135 teens and parents at the retreat and it was hard for me to get to everyone, so I would love to hear your answers to one or both of the following two questions: Teens, what did God do in you at the retreat?

  • how to pray for the retreat

    We are now less than 10 days away from the five15 retreat! Please consider devoting time to praying for the retreat between now and then (and during the retreat!).  Pray for: the salvation of souls the presence and work of the Holy Spirit wisdom and clarity for those who will be preaching (Luke, C.B., Mark) Spirit's strength for Joel and the worship band Spirit's strength for Tony, Kathy, and Terri as they coordinate so many different things safe travel physical protection great memories bo...