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  • Sunday School Classes begin this Sunday!

    2 Sunday School Classes are beginning this Sunday, February 17th. Both are Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:45 a.m. 

    Hermeneutics - Mark Mullery

    8 Sessions

    Spiritual Gifts - Dave Andrews

    5 Sessions

    These are open to all ages, so please consider attending! 

    More info and sign-ups are available online: click here

  • 2012-2013 five15 schedule

    Here is the schedule of five15 meetings in 2012-2013. You'll find a few notes at the bottom of the schedule that will help you know how to read the schedule.

    • September 1 - Gathering
    • September 15 - Teen Forum
    • October 6 – Guy / Girl Gatherings
    • October 20 - Teen Forum
    • November 3 - Gathering
    • November 17 - Teen Forum
    • December 1 – Guy / Girl Gathering
    • December 15: Christmas Party
    • January 5 - Gathering
    • January 19 - Teen Forum
    • February 2 – Guy / Girl Gathering
    • February 16 - Teen Forum
    • March 2 - Gathering
    • March 16 - Teen Forum
    • April 13 – Guy / Girl Gathering
    • April 27 - Teen Forum
    • May 11: Senior Night (rising 7th graders invited)
    • May 25: Cookout (rising 7th graders invited)
    • June 15 - Gathering
    • June 29 - Teen Forum
    • July 13 – Guy / Girl Gathering
    • July 27 - Teen Forum

    You might be asking, "So what do all these meeting titles mean?" I'm glad you asked:

    • Gatherings - these meetings will look basically like what five15 meetings have looked like in the past. Teens, parents, worship, preaching, discussion, and snacks.
    • Teen Forums - these are our new teen meetings. The format follows what we did at our last meeting (August 4). We'll worship together then split the middle school and high school students for age-specific teaching from God's Word. A small cadre of adults will help guide discussion, chaperone, and build relationship with the teens. 

    Another question may be, "Hey, what about those 'Field' and 'Group' activities you talked about in June?"

    • Field - these will be five15 activities that get us out of the building once a month to go serve or have fun together. As each Field activity is scheduled, we'll publish the info as soon as we have it. We're looking for someone(s) to lead our Field department this year. For more info, click here.
    • Groups - these are small groups of all shapes and sizes that pop up over the course of the year. When new groups arise, we advertise through the normal five15 channels and then those groups keep their own calendars once they get going. Manskool is an example of a "group" within five15. More info on Manskool meetings in 2012-2013 will be coming your way soon.

    Also, please note, if you use Google calendar, you can get the five15 calendar here.

    If this is all new to you, let me direct you to last month's blog post on our mission and plan for next year. I hope this schedule will help us in our mission to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20) as we keep the Word central, create space for more of the church involved, while continuing to lean into our focus on serving.

  • may five15 events

    Here is a high-level overview of our five15 events in the month of May:

    Saturday, May 12 - five15 Senior Night

    We will be recognizing and celebrating God's grace as this year's senior class gets ready to graduate from high school. We'll hear testimonies, put together card boxes for seniors, and pray for them.

    Additionally, Dean Adamek, Director of Rancho 3M, and his son, Taylor, will be in town that weekend and will be joining us at five15 on Saturday. Dean will share with us his perspective on our recent trip to the Ranch, as well as upcoming opportunities to serve at the Ranch.

    I'll also take a moment during our announcements to give you a brief forecast of what we'll be doing for five15 summer meetings.

    Saturday, May 19 - Manskool

    This will be the last Manskool meeting of the 2011-2012 ministry year. I've been speaking with some Manskool dads and sons about ideas for next year and I look forward to discussing these as a group at our upcoming meeting.

    Saturday, May 26 - Rising 7th Grader Orientation

    Our annual Rising 7th Grader Orientation will be held at 5:00 pm at the church, just before our annual five15 cookout. This will allow the rising 7th graders to immediately get their feet wet in five15 by joining us at the cookout. Let me encourage you to be mindful of these "five15 rookies" who will be stepping into the five15 world for the first time that evening. Let's seek to welcome them in every way possible. If you have a rising 7th grader and did not receive an email invitation to this event, please let me know.

    Saturday, May 26 - five15 Cookout

    Join us at the five15 cookout for food and fun! Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, burgers, hot dogs, and more. Our start time will be 6:30 pm. There will not be pizza beforehand as we'll instead be eating from 6:30 pm and on as part of the cookout.

  • what you need to know for this weekend

    This much anticipated weekend is almost upon us. Here is a recap of what you need to know.

    Women's Conference

    Ladies, don't forget that this Friday and Saturday Covenant Life Church's "Women Passionate for God's Glory" conference. If you haven't registered, you can do so at the door the day of the conference. I want to encourage all five15 ladies ages 12 and up to attend this conference. Please remember that to free up the ladies to go to the conference, this Saturday's five15 meeting will be for guys only.

    five15 Guys Meeting

    Guys, here is is the plan for our guys meeting this Saturday:

    • 5:15 pm - pizza
    • 6:00 pm - outdoor games ("Gold Rush", "Stump Wars", "Tug of War")
    • 7:00 pm - panel discussion on discipleship 

    Here are our panel participants. I'm looking forward to hearing from them and their experience:

    • David Remer (single college dude)
    • Colin Mullery (young married dude)
    • Will Klotz (young married father dude)
    • Eric Jensen ("older" married father dude)

    Here is a sample of some questions the panel will be answering:

    • How did you become a disciple of Jesus Christ?
    • How did you think about being a disciple and...
      • college
      • career
      • singleness
      • marriage
      • being a dad
      • leisure

    We'll also have some time to hear any questions you have for the panel.

    I'm looking forward to what God will do through this weekend's events.

  • connecting with another local youth ministry

    Just a quick note "from Luke's desk", as they say...

    Please pray for me (Luke) as I'll be speaking at a youth meeting at Knollwood Community Church this Sunday. five15er Ian Jelliffe will be leading worship there that night, as well.

    I met Knollwood's youth pastor, Chris Mendez, last year at Lake Braddock Secondary School's Christian Fellowship Club. Since then, we've been connecting every so often. I've appreciated getting to know Chris and have benefited from his input and experience. He has a great heart for teens in our area to hear about and grow in Jesus Christ.

    I'm looking forward to the opportunity to connect with and partner with another local youth ministry located just 3.5 miles from us (see the map above). Please pray for me. I'll give everyone an update at our next five15 meeting.


  • habitat for a church member

    I wanted to pass on to everyone a great opportunity for teens and parents to serve this weekend.

    This Saturday, from 10am - 2pm, drywall, painting, possibly demolition, and other work will be done at the new Burke home of a church member in need of assistance. Pizza and soda will be provided for workers. A lot of us have had our construction skills recently sharpened in West Virginia, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Here is a worthwhile opportunity to put them to use here at home.

    Please RSVP to Heather Alexander (571-830-5784) so that she will know how much food to have on hand.


  • one more day to sign-up for parenting seminar

    As was announced at five15, church, and through an email to parents, we are having a parents seminar this Sunday, April 22, from 12:00 - 2:00 pm with lunch being served from 12:00 - 12:30 pm. Mark Lauterbach, pastor at Grace Church in San Diego, CA will be speaking about viewing children as image bearers of God. The seminar will be open to parents of grades 1 through 12.

    Registration closes tomorrow. If you plan to attend and have not already RSVPed, click this link and check it off your to-do list!

  • womens conference and guys meeting

    Women's Conference

    Just a reminder that all five15 ladies (ages 12 and up) are encouraged to attend the "Women Passionate for God's Glory" conference at Covenant Life Church Friday, April 27 - Saturday, April 28. This Friday, April 20, is the deadline to register ahead of time. After that, registration will be done at the door the day of the conference.

    five15 Guys Meeting

    With the women's conference going on, our Saturday, April 28, five15 meeting will be a guys meeting. Pizza will be served at 5:15 pm and outdoor games will start at 6:00 pm. At 7:00 pm, we will have a panel discussion featuring guests panelists who will answer questions about being disciples of Jesus Christ, especially as it relates to college, career, family, and leisure.

    [Reminder: in light of the guys meeting, our previously scheduled April 21 Manskool meeting will not be happening.]

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the women's conference and am looking forward to the fun and discussions at our guys meeting!

  • last call for rancho 3m and dominican republic interest

    Last call to get your name on the list of those interested in the Rancho 3M or Dominican Republic missions trips! If you haven't already signed-up on one of the clipboards at a five15 meeting or notified Luke or Katherine via email, please contact Katherine by tomorrow, Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

  • praying in tomorrow's five15 meeting

    [If you cannot view the video, please click here: five15 Prayer Meeting.]

    At tomorrow's five15 meeting, we will be devoting time usually spent on a message to prayer.

    We will use the Lord's prayer as a guide and break into smaller groups to pray for God's glory and for disciples to be made. We will even have a chance to pray for each other's needs. We will worship and we will ask God to work through the gift of prophecy during our time together.

    Why do we pray? We pray because we know who it is we pray to. We pray to Him "who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to His power" (Ephesians 3:20-21). To Him be the glory.

  • five15 on twitter

    five15 now has a Twitter feed. Following @five15youth will be another way (in addition to Facebook and the blog) that you can keep up with five15 happenings and announcements.

  • discipleship groups info

    As was announced at last night's five15 meeting, in an effort to expand the ways we pursue the great commission call to make disciples, two discipleship groups for five15 teens will be starting up in February. Here are the details.

    [Please note that these groups are optional! They are a resource available to any who desire to utilize them. There is no pressure or expectation to be involved.]

    Junior and Senior Girls Bible Study

    • Leaders: Shannon Fox / Elizabeth Jensen
    • Audience: junior (11th grade) and senior (12th grade) girls
    • Why meet? Inductive bible study, prayer, relationship-building
    • When? Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm, beginning February 15 and ending in mid-May
    • Location: TBD
    • Sign-up: Sign-up will open February 1 and close February 10 at the church website

    Middleton Discipleship Group

    • Leaders: Luke & Kristin Middleton
    • Audience: Middle school and high school students, respectively
    • Why meet? To study a book of the Bible together and pray
    • When: Wednesdays, 7:30 - 9:00 pm
    • Location: Middleton residence

    The Middletons will host five different discipleship groups in 2012. Each group will be limited to 12 people and will meet six times over the span of about two calendar months. Three of the groups will be for senior high students and two will be for middle school students. 

    Clear as mud? Here's the breakdown that may help:

    Group 1 - Senior High

    1. February 22
    2. February 29
    3. March 7
    4. March 14
    5. March 21
    6. March 28

    Group 2 - Middle School

    1. April 18
    2. April 25
    3. May 2
    4. May 9
    5. May 16
    6. May 23

    Group 3 - Senior High

    1. June 6
    2. June 13
    3. June 20
    4. June 27
    5. July 11
    6. July 18

    Group 4 - Middle School

    1. September 5
    2. September 12
    3. September 19
    4. September 26
    5. October 3
    6. October 10

    Group 5 - Senior High

    1. October 24
    2. November 7
    3. November 14
    4. November 28
    5. December 5
    6. December 12

    A little bit clearer now?


    • Must be able to make five of six meetings for your group
    • Must bring your Bible

    Sign-up: opens February 1 and closes February 10 at church website. Individuals can indicate their first and second group preferences (you can be a part of one group). No guarantees are made about which you will get. Those who signed-up up will be notified shortly after registrations close regarding what group they have been put in.

    "What if I can't sign-up right now but am interested in one of the later groups?" Down the road, as each group concludes and a new group gets ready to begin, five15ers will be notified of opportunities to fill any remaining slots.

    If you have any questions about these groups, please contact Luke.

    Let's pray that God uses His Word to make disciples of the lost and to help mature existing disciples.

  • recap of last night's announcements

    Here are some of last night's announcements. There's a lot going on!

    Rancho 3M Missions Trip -- God has provided four leaders for the trip! It is happening! Set aside March 31 - April 7 on your calendar. If you are interested but have not put your name on one of the sign-up sheets at a five15 meeting or let Luke or Katherine Sawyer know already, please contact Katherine Sawyer to add your name to the list. There are no guarantees about who will be able to go, but if you are interested in going and don't have a passport, you should get one immediately. Current processing timelines are 4-6 weeks. Stay tuned for more info on the trip. We will get the info to you as it becomes available to us over the next few weeks.

    Passport USA

    Evangelical Prayer Meeting -- As our church pursues mission and prayer, the whole church was encouraged last Sunday to consider attending an evangelical prayer meeting at the church this Tuesday, January 31, 7:00-8:00 pm (the meeting is lead by last night's guest speaker, Will Klotz). I'll be there. Parents and teens, please consider investing an evening in praying together that God will open doors for Christ to be declared in our area and the world.

    PCM Meeting for Seniors -- There will be a meeting on Sunday, February 19 after church (free pizza!) for high school seniors to connect with college students in our church and learn more about Patriot Christian Ministries. Seniors will be contacted soon via email with more details. with more info about this soon.

    More info on the discipleship groups announcements will be posted soon...

  • holiness series recap

    29/365: Odd one out

    At our retreat in August, we started a preaching series on holiness that was wrapped up at our last five15 meeting of 2011. We covered a lot in that time. So, let's take a moment to review.

    What is holiness? Well, it's three things:

    1. God's nature - He is other and He is different than us
    2. Our status - we are sanctified, set apart, made holy unto the Lord
    3. An appeal for our conduct - we are to be holy as God is holy

    Here is a recap of the messages we heard during the series.


    • Revelation 6 - The Throne of the Holy God
    • Isaiah 45 - Creator / Creation
    • Isaiah 43 - Savior / Saved
    • Numbers 15:32-36 - Gathering Sticks - Holiness in the Community
    • 1 Peter 1:13-16 - "You shall be holy, for I am holy"


    • Luke 9:21-27 - Taking Up the Daily Cross - if you've been set apart, you are called to deny yourself and take up your cross daily
    • Deuteronomy 7:6-8 - Know Your Status - you are holy to the LORD and chosen to be His treasured possession
    • 1 John 2:15-17 - Loves at War - as holy people, our affections are set apart for God; we cannot love both God and the world at the same time
    • Romans 12:1-2 - Conformed vs. Transformed - as God's holy people, we are to be transformed and no longer conformed to the pattern of this world

    Some questions for teens and parents to consider and discuss together:

    1. Can you explain the three uses of the word holiness in the Bible?
    2. How has your understanding of holiness changed in the last few months?
    3. How do you know if you are or aren't counted among God's holy people?
    4. On a day you're struggling with holy living, how does knowing your holy status help?

    If you have any thoughts or feedback on the holiness series, I'd like to hear it.

    I'm looking forward to starting a new series in February. Stay tuned for more details.

  • trip lee concert january 7

    On January 7th, hip-hop artist Trip Lee will be performing in concert at Covenant Life Church. We originally had a five15 meeting scheduled for that day and a social activity scheduled for January 14th. To enable attendance at the concert, we are swapping the social activity date (now January 7th for the concert) and the five15 date (now January 14th). Please note the calendar change!

    Before you're tempted to think, "I don't like rap music" and "Why would I want to drive to Gaithersburg?" let me challenge you with seven reasons to consider going, in acrostic form:

    • T - Travel Time - driving somewhere with someone is one of the best ways to build relationship. It sounds crazy, but it's true. You'll have about 90 minutes (total roundtrip) of relationship-building time. Find someone to ride with.
    • R - Rap Music about Christ - Trip Lee's lyrics are Christ-exalting.
    • I - Interstate Connections - the youth ministry at Covenant Life is hosting this. I love getting five15 around teens from other churches.
    • P - Pizza. Better yet -- free pizza. Come to our church basement at 5:00 pm for free pizza.
    • L - Luke is going (ok, maybe that's not a good reason).
    • E - Evangelism - this is one of the easiest things you could invite an unchurched friend to. There's free pizza, the music is great, they will hear the good news about Jesus Christ, and they can be connected with a part of the local church community.
    • E - Everyone Together - my hope isn't that a bunch of five15ers will show up at the concert. My hope is that we can do this together. That's why we're meeting for pizza before and why I'm encouraging you to find someone to ride with. Let's do this together.

    Please notice that I saved the best for last. Of these seven items, I hope that the two E's (evangelism and everyone together) are the most pronounced in your mind.

    For those interested in going, here are all the details:

    • Saturday, January 7th
    • 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm - pizza in the church basement
    • 7:00 pm - concert starts at Covenant Life Church
    • Tickets are $7 and can be purchased online now or at the door on January 7th.
    • Pizza - to help ensure there is enough pizza for everyone, please let us know you are coming by signing-up here.
    • Rides - You are responsible for your own ride. Parents, please ensure that your teen(s) has a ride lined-up  and are aware of your guidelines regarding who to ride with before you drop them off at the building. Also, please consider being a driver and finding people to fill your car with. five15 is not organizing carpooling, but is heavily encouraging that you set-up someone to ride with you or for you to ride with to and from Gaithersburg.

    If you have any questions, please contact Katherine Sawyer in the church office.

    Here are a couple of videos to get you started.

    Gospel-Centered Hip Hop from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.


    [You can read the lyrics to this song here.]

    For more info on Trip Lee, visit the following links:

    1. Concert info
    2. Official website (bio, blog, music samples (I recommend listening to "Invasion" and checking out the music video, as well)): 
    3. Interview with Trip Lee (text) 
    4. Another interview (video with Justin Taylor, blogger and VP at Crossway, and Lecrae, another hip-hop artist) 

    Oh, by the way, did I mention that the first three people to leave a comment on this blog post will get a free album? Well, now I did. 

  • save the date: MSR '12

    Our 2012 Middle School Retreat will be Saturday, January 21, at 9:00 am at the church.

    The cost to register is $12, which includes lunch and a t-shirt. Registration is now open online.

    Our theme will be "Get Wisdom" from Proverbs 4:7:

    The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom,
    and whatever you get, get insight.

    There will be more info to come, but we wanted to make sure you had it on your radar (and calendar!) as the new year will be upon us before we know it.

  • don't forget to sign-up for the day of service

    Just a reminder that sign-ups for the December 17th five15 Day of Service close on December 13th. That's just five days away.

    In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus said:

    “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

    As we consider the following opportunities to serve others, let us remember that the end goal of all our good works is that God would be glorified. We want our work to serve the needs of others and be a light that points them to God.

    Please take a moment to consider where you (parents and teens) could serve on December 17th:

    1. Habitat for Humanity - Franklin, WV
    2. Salvation Army Bell Ringing (two separate shifts)
    3. Sunrise Assisted Living Nursing Home
    4. Fairfax Nursing Home
    5. Blanket-Making for Sanctity of Life Ministries

    Ready? Click here to register now or sign-up on a clipboard at Saturday's five15 meeting.

  • what to bring to Saturday's five15 Christmas Party

    Often after being invited to a party, the invitee will ask, "What can I bring?" 

    Well, we've got our five15 Christmas Party this Saturday at 6:30 pm (there is no pizza beforehand). And I can hear you all asking right now, "What can we bring?" I'm so glad you asked!

    Here are two reminders for you:

    We are collecting for a baby items drive for Sanctity of Life Ministries. What can you bring?

    1. Diapers
    2. Wipes
    3. Formula (specifically, the Similac Advanced brand - it has a blue lid)

    Also, we will be sharing cookies at the Christmas party. What can you bring? 

    Cookies! How about 2-3 dozen of your favorites? We shall all share.

    yummie christmas cookies

    See you Saturday!

  • changes around the five15 office

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

    There have been a few recent changes around the "five15 office" that I want to make sure you are aware of: 

    1. Worship leader - As was announced at our last five15 meeting, Joel Shirey, who has led worship for five15 for more than a year, has transitioned out of that role. When we announced the change, we had a chance to thank Joel for all his hard work over the past year-and-a-half. If you see Joel, take a moment to thank him for all the work he did. Leading worship is a huge investment of one's time, talents, and focus. 

    2. five15 Administrative Assistant - Mary Echegoyen served as the five15 administrative assistant for the past 14 months (and also 5-6 years before Terri Morstad assumed the role). She has recently transitioned to other roles around the church office and Katherine Sawyer is now the administrative assistant for five15. If you need anything related to five15 administration, Katherine is now your first stop. If you see Mary, take a moment to thank her. If you see Katherine, take a moment to welcome her.

    3. Luke's Office Relocation - For those of you that stop by to see me in my office, you'll now find me upstairs and no longer on the main level. I made the move earlier this week and I'm hoping to make my new (and slowly improving) office a comfortable place for people to come and talk. And that all starts with the presence of a small gum ball machine I brought with me. I mean, what could be more important than free gum balls?

    Over and out.

  • announcements from saturday's meeting (december calendar)

    Salvation Army Christmas Kettling Week 1

    Here is a recap of some of the calendar-related announcements from last Saturday's five15 meeting. 


    • Manskool - December 3rd
    • Whoops! Postponed: Prayer Meeting - December 13th
      • At Saturday's five15 meeting, I announced an open invitation to attend an upcoming evangelical prayer meeting at church led by Will Klotz. At the time, I did not realize it would conflict with a choir recital that night that many five15ers are a part of. The prayer meetings happen twice a month, so we'll circle back after December and try to invade one of the meetings in 2012 with youth. Sorry for the confusion.
    • Christmas Party - December 10th
      • Youth and parents are invited to our December 10th Christmas party. Here are the details:
        • What: Fun and games
        • When: December 10, 6:30 pm
        • Where: Basement auditorium
        • What can I bring?
          • Donations for our SLM baby items drive (diapers, wipes, or formula)
          • 2-3 dozen Christmas cookies to share
        • Disclaimer: we will not be serving the usual pizza dinner at 5:15 on this day. Come hungry for cookies! And come with cookies!
    • Day of Service - December 17th
      • Youth and parents are invited to volunteer to serve in our community on Saturday, December 17th in one of the following ways:
        • Habitat for Humanity - Franklin, WV
        • Salvation Army Bell Ringing (two separate shifts)
        • Sunrise Assisted Living Nursing Home
        • Fairfax Nursing Home
        • Blanket-Making for Sanctity of Life Ministries
      • You can register online here by December 6th

    Also, don't forget that five15 is collecting used, but functional, cell phones to donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers organization. Please place your phones in Ziploc bags, along with any chargers/cases you have, and leave these in the marked container at the Welcome Center through Sunday, December 4th. For info on erasing your personal info stored on a phone, click here.

  • troop care packages this Saturday

    Care Packages

    Thank you to everyone who donated to support care packages to be sent to troops deployed overseas over the Holidays. Your generosity has provided over $1,600 (well above our goal of $1,000) that will enable us to send a total of over 30 care packages. Thank you!

    We have funding, items, and boxes, but the work isn't done yet.

    This Saturday at 5:15 pm, we will assemble the care packages and write notes of encouragement to go in those packages. The booklet we're including in the packages has already been written and carries the most important message - the gospel. Still to be written, however, are personal handwritten messages of encouragement for the troops. That's where we all can contribute. We'd like as many people as possible to have a hand (and their handwriting) in those notes.

    Some of the care packages (and your notes) will be going to deployed members of church or their deployed family members. Here is the full list:

    • LCPL David Briggs (David is the brother of five15ers Stephen, Ruth, Anna, and Michael)
    • Lt.Col Andy McCoy and three other men stationed with him (Andy is the father of five15ers Caleb, Josiah, and Abby McCoy)
    • Ben Hinders (Ben is the brother of five15ers Micah and Adam)
    • Jeffrey Green's unit (3-4 boxes) (Jeffrey is the son of Mike and Linda Green)
    • Isaac Rothfuss (nephew of Karen Johnson)
    • Capt. Anne Armstrong (Anne is the niece of Robin and Karen McGlohn )
    • 22 additional packages being sent through Soldiers' Angel

    See you Saturday at 5:15 pm!

  • fall clean?


    We have a lot of serving opportunities in November and December. 

    As you know, at our next five15 meeting we'll be putting together care packages for troops (thanks to everyone who gave at our last meeting!). Then, in early December, we'll be collecting baby items for a drive for Sanctity of Life Ministries. Finally, on our December 17 day of serving, we will hopefully (we're still working to finalize these!) be serving Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia, making blankets for SLM, helping the Salvation Army, visiting a nursing home, and serving in other capacities.

    As we put our focus on these opportunities, we passed on doing "Fall Clean" this year. But that doesn't mean that those willing to roll up their sleeves to support Rancho 3M are without options!

    We've been contacted about two opportunities to do some yard work to secure donations for Rancho 3M. Here are the details:

    • Opportunity #1
      • Type of work: blowing / raking leaves on 1/2 acre of land
      • Time of work: 3-4 hours
      • People needed: 7-10 people. At least two adults.
    • Opportunity #2
      • Type of work: raking / bagging leaves
      • Time of work: 3-4 hours
      • People needed: 4-5. At least one adult.

    Here's the deal: these can only happen if someone leads them and makes them happen. We need men to take ownership of these opportunities, take the bull by the horns, and make it happen. Any dads out there up to the challenge?

    If you (parents or teens) are interested in leading or helping with either of these opportunities, please contact Katherine Sawyer at the church office by Wednesday, November 16.

    Also, some individuals have recently asked about our relationship with Rancho 3M. Please be aware that our church gives financial support to Rancho 3M every month from the Go Forward Fund. Every time you give to the Go Forward Fund, you are giving to Rancho 3M. Thank you for your giving. Also, five15 will have our annual "Mexico Night" in March to support Rancho 3M. I actually met Dean Adamek (who runs Rancho 3M) yesterday at the Pastors Conference and was able to find out more about Rancho 3M's needs.

    For those interested in making direct donations, you can do so here (you can give online in a matter of minutes or get info for mailing a check).

  • announcements from Nov 5th meeting

    Here are a few notes and reminders for upcoming five15 events:

    • November 19th five15 Meeting -- arrive at 5:15pm to help put together and write notes for the care packages for troops
    • December 10th five15 Meeting -- will be Christmas-themed
      • Bring the following baby items to donate to drive for SLM:
        • diapers
        • wipes
        • formula
    • December 17th -- instead of our regular meeting, we will dedicate the afternoon to serving opportunities in our local area. Sign-ups will be available at our November 19th meeting.
    • January 21, 2012 -- Middle School Retreat
  • announcements from Oct 8 five15 meeting

    In case you missed it or would like to be reminded, here is a recap of announcements from yesterday's five15 meeting.

    October 22 - Mens Meeting at Covenant Life Church; five15 Ladies Meeting 

    • Ladies Meeting
      • Guest speakers
      • Theme: Psalm 68:14, "Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up."
      • Special food / gifts
      • Jewelry-making at 5:15pm; meeting at 6:30 pm
    • Mens Meeting
      • Speaker: Russell Moore
      • Topic: content from his recent book "Tempted and Tried: Temptation and the Triumph of Christ"
      • Snacks and dodgeball to follow
      • Location: Covenant Life Church (7501 Muncaster Mill Road, Gaithersburg, MD)
      • Time: 7:00pm
      • Consider finding someone to carpool with and use the travel time to build friendships and fellowship

    Harvest Carnival

    • October 31 at the church
    • Teens: plan to arrive between 3:00 and 5:00 pm to help set-up. (3:00 is preferable!)
    • Pizza at 5:00 pm
    • Parent volunteers are still needed. Contact Mary Echegoyen to sign-up.

    Troop Care Packages

    • five15 is going to be sending care packages to U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan
    • We will be preparing the packages at our November 19 five15 meeting
    • Donations: 
      • We will be collecting donations at our next five15 meeting (November 5)
      • You can also make donations on Sundays mornings at the Welcome Center (write "Care Packages for U.S. Troops" on the envelope)
      • We are hoping to raise $1,000 to make this happen

    Other Notes

    • Congrats to our pie contest winners!
    • There will not be a Fall Clean this year
    • Subscribe to have five15 blog updates emailed to you by clicking here
  • announcements from last night's meeting

    Here is a recap of announcements from last night's meeting:

    1. Manskool rescheduled - Manskool has been moved from October 1 to October 8 (7:30 am start time still). Thanks for your understanding.
    2. Manskool Breakfast boss - We are still in need of a father and son to be "breakfast boss" for Manskool for the year. Please contact Luke if you can do this or have questions about it. No breakfast boss = no food! 
    3. October 8 pie baking contest - Our October 8 five15 meeting will feature a pie baking contest. More details to come. Check the blog and Facebook.
    4. October 22 (guys) - dads and sons are encouraged to attend the Mens Meeting at Covenant Life Church. 
    5. October 22 (ladies) - we'll have a ladies meeting that same evening for five15 moms and daughters. More details to come. Check the blog and Facebook.
  • Senior Reflections

    SENIORS: If anyone is interested in submitting a Senior Reflection, remember that they are due TOMORROW. If you've got one, please send it to Steve.

  • five15 on Saturday!

    Hey everybody. We've got five15 on Saturday, but it's not a normal meeting. Here's what you need to know:

    • The Student Leadership Council is serving a sit-down Breakfast-for-Dinner meal at 6pm. The early bird gets the pancakes! Sounds like it will be delicious. I can already taste the bacon. Gluten-free pancakes available. Gluten-loaded pancakes also available.
    • Our meeting will actually get started at 7pm. Some important family business to attend to. Come and see!
    • After the meeting, we'll be playing capture the flag. Might be chilly, so run fast.

    See you then!

  • five15 Logo Contest

    Interested in creating the next year's logo for five15?  Give me what you've got.  Submissions are due by April 15 (4/15, haha).  The requirements are simple: 

    • If it says five15, it must be written that way; not five 15 or five-15 or whatever. 
    • Artistically attractive 
    • Abstract is better than explicit 
    • It may not contain pink in any way
    Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

  • Manskool + five15

    Lots going on this Saturday:

    Manskool on Saturday morning at 8am (breakfast at 7:30).  New and different: come ready for the Manlympics.

    five15 on Saturday night.  Eats at 5:15; meeting starts at 6:30.  Purity, Part 2: Relational Purity.

    See you there!

  • Worship & Ministry Night!

    This Saturday night we're making our five15 meeting a worship & ministry night.  This means some changes to our regular way of doing things:

    • There will NOT be pizza and ping-pong beforehand.  EAT BEFORE YOU COME.

    • The meeting will start at 7pm.  Show up a few minutes beforehand and we'll get going on time.

    • There will be eats afterward as usual.

    Please be praying that God would meet us and visit us with his presence through the Holy Spirit!

  • five15 Tomorrow!

    five15 is tomorrow night!  Come at 5:15pm for Asian eats and fun and games.  The meeting starts at 6:30! 

    See you there.

  • A Busy Saturday

    We've got a busy day on Saturday!

    • Guys: don't forget that Manskool is THIS Saturday.  I'm sorry it ended up on the same day as five15.  As always, breakfast at 7:30 and we'll get started by 8.
    • We've got our first five15 meeting of the year on Saturday night.  Bring friends!  We'll be talking about how to spot counterfeit humility and how to fight pride.
    • AND it is the 2nd Annual five15 Chili Cook-Off!  Prizes will be awarded.  If you've got an entry, bring your crockpot NO LATER than 4:30.

    See you there!

  • Jerry Bridges is Coming

    Cool news: Jerry Bridges is coming to five15!

    Probably not many of youth know who Jerry Bridges is, but probably almost all the parents do. 

    Jerry is in his early '80s.  A long-time staff member with the Navigators, he is a prolific author.  Some of his books have shaped our church in significant ways. 

    For instance, it was The Disciplines of Grace that taught us to preach the gospel to ourselves every day.  Trusting God taught us to... well... trust God.  Many of the teens may have read The Gospel for Real Life not long ago - a great introduction to the essential elements of the gospel.   His best-selling book, The Pursuit of Holiness has sold over a million copies.

    So it is great that he is going to spend the weekend with our church in November, including coming to the 11/13 five15 meeting.  More details are coming, but mark your calendar.  Get a couple of Jerry Bridges' books and start reading!  More details to come.

  • October Schedule

    Hey everybody, we made some changes to the October calendar that everyone needs to know about.  When in doubt, consult the church calendar.  It is constantly updated as changes are made.  Remember that you can use the pull-down menu to view just the five15 calendar if you like.  Here is the current schedule:

    • Saturday, 10/2.  Manskool.

    • Saturday, 10/9.  five15 Meeting.  (This is a change; used to be on the 16th).

    • Saturday, 10/16. College Choices Seminar with Greg Somerville.  9am-12pm.

    • Sunday, 10/31.  Harvest Carnival.

    Note that we canceled the 10/30 five15 Meeting.  Seemed like too much to pack into that weekend, with the Harvest Carnival on Sunday.

  • Do Hard Things

    In case you missed the announcement at the five15 Retreat, Do Hard Things is coming to town and we're going to be a part of it.  To the uninitiated, Do Hard Things is a book written by Alex and Brett Harris.  On Saturday, September 25, Do Hard Things is a conference based on the book at Hylton Memorial Chapel.  Here's the deal:

    "The Rebelution's Do Hard Things Tour is coming to major cities across the United States in Summer of 2010. Each conference is a challenging one-day event for teens by teens who believe that our generation is ready for a change. Ready for something that doesn't promise a whole new life if you'll just buy the right pair of jeans or use the right brand of deodorant.

    "We believe that our generation is ready to rethink what teens are capable of doing and becoming. And we've noticed that once wrong ideas are debunked and cleared away, our generation is quick to choose a better way, even if it's also more difficult."

    I've added this to the calendar because it's a great opportunity either to participate or to serve—or both!  Turns out, the Marriott family are organizing volunteers for the conference, so if you're interested in serving, contact them directly, or send me an email.

    Want to learn more?  Check it out:

  • Like to Sing?

    Ryan Holland is leading a high school choral group on Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm at the church building. This choir is open to all high school students. Below is part of a course description. There is a $30 charge for the class. If you are interested or have additional questions, you can contact Susan Thorson - thorsonsusan(at)gmail(dot)com.

    Course Description: This is a performance based class in which students learn to sing and perform in a vocal ensemble. There will be a strong emphasis on singing with healthy vocal technique and diction for ensemble singing, singing with expression and musicality appropriate to the given genre of music, and sight singing. There will also be several evening performances.

  • five15 BIG MEETING on Saturday

    Coming up in two days: our April five15 BIG MEETING!  Can't wait.  There are a couple of important things you need to know:

    • Eats will begin at 5:15pm, as usual.
    • Unusual change to the schedule: we are taking time from 6-7pm to celebrate EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY.  Yeah, I know it's not your birthday; it's not mine either.  But we're going to lump them all together and have some fun with it.  So, come from 6-7 for some fun and games on a birthday theme.  We'll get on with the rest of the meeting after that.
    • Special Guest for Inside Out, Part 4: Dave Brewer from Covenant Life Church.

    See you Saturday night.  As always, feel free to bring a friend!

  • five15 BIG MEETING on Saturday


    five15 is Saturday night.  In addition to the usual fun stuff, we're going to spend some time praying for our friends at Rancho 3M.  We're also going to write notes to the kids and staff to encourage them.  So come ready to pray and write notes, and speak as much Spanish as you can. 

    As always, games and eats are at 5:15pm and the meeting will get started at 6:30.  See you there!

  • five15 Logo Contest

    If you are interested in submitting a design for the 2010 five15 Logo Contest, here is some basic criteria for you to keep in mind:


    • If it says five15, it must be written that way; not 5.15 or five-15 or whatever. (Note that it does not have to say five15.)
    • It should be artistically attractive.  Yes, this is subjective.
    • Abstract is better than explicit. (i.e. I’d rather have a design that prompts someone to ask about the design, instead of a design that someone looks at and says, that’s obviously Christian, and doesn’t ask about the design)
    • It may not contain pink in any way.  
    • It should be reproducible in a tshirt, handout, etc.   
    • Look to popular tshirt and logo designs for guidance.  On the one hand, I hate it when Christian tshirts just heist a logo and replace it with something Christianized.  On the other hand, taking cues from current logos in a stylistic way is really helpful.  
    • Submit as many as you like.  Experiment with wildly different designs rather than minor tweaks of the same design. 


    • We will need your design created with vector graphics software (providing both the software design file and a PDF copy for each design submission). 
    • If you don’t know what that means and you have a design in mind and just want to sketch it out and give it to me for consideration that is fine.   We will try to produce your design if it is selected. 
    • For all design software questions, please send them to Terri Morstad: tmorstad //at// sovgracefairfax //dot// org.


    • I need preliminary submissions by Wednesday, March 24.  We have to have this finalized by the end of April. Send as many as you like.  If I see something that moves me, I may ask for revisions.    
  • five15 Announcements

    In case you missed it, here were the announcements from Saturday night:


    Current sophomores, if you are interested in applying for the Student Leadership Council, we have five positions open for next year.  The first step is to contact me to get an application.  You can see me in person, call me, or send me an email.


    Got art skills?  Want to submit a design for next year's five15 logo?  Bring it on.  Details will be on another post, but the short version is: Get your design in by the end of March.


    We were unable to work out an alternative to the Mexico trip, so we won't be doing anything over Spring Break.  BUT: mark your calendars.  We are planning to help put on a Vacation Bible School this summer for kids from our church and our community.  More details are coming, but plan on being here Friday nights in July and the beginning of August.


    7th and 8th Graders — Mark Peiffer is throwing down the gauntlet, challenging you to read a good book by Easter.  That gives you a month to do it.  Best of all: he wants to buy the book for you.  If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with Mark or send me a note and I'll help you get in touch with him.

  • five15 Big Meeting CANCELED


    Due to the glacier moving through our region, we are unable to have our five15 BIG MEETING Saturday night.  In fact, ALL Saturday meetings have been canceled.  Keep an eye out for other weather-related announcements.

    We are changing the 2/27 not-so-big meeting to a BIG MEETING and move the chili cook off to that night.  Mark your calendars!

    Enjoy the snow and watch for falling icicles!

  • Middle School Retreat Signup Deadline

    Hey 7th and 8th Graders!

    Reminder: Middle School Retreat registration ends TOMORROW, December 30th.  Registration is online. For more information, please contact Terri Morstad at the church office.

  • five15 Announcements

    In case you missed it Saturday night, here were the announcements:

    1. Due to limited interested, the 12/19 Parents Night Out is cancelled. This means that we also won't be having the Christmas party after. Instead, I'm encouraging everyone to use the time to serve instead.  Here are a couple ideas:
      a. have "shoe box party" to make gifts for Rancho 3M.
      b. ask Dad and Mom how you can serve around the house - hang lights, wrap presents, whatever.
      c. have your own Christmas party and invite over people you don't know.
    2. 7th and 8th Graders: now is the time to sign up for the Middle School Retreat!  It is Saturday, 1/30, from 9am-3pm at the Yee's house.  Registration is online.
  • Manskool on Saturday!

    Fellas, don't forget: Manskool on Saturday!

    You know the drill: breakfast is at 7:30 and we'll get started by 8! 

    See you then.

  • Fall Clean Recap

    The other day I was stunned, breathless, and moved to tears.  I asked Terri for an update from Fall Clean and I was thrilled to hear that it was a massive success.  For security reasons, I can't post the number on the blog, but I can tell you that the generous members and friends of our church gave over 50% more than last year!   

    Friends, let's not take this for granted.  Think through the circumstances with me.  It's been a tough couple years economically for a lot of people.  Christmas is coming up.  None of our members stand to benefit directly from these contributions.  And yet people joyfully gave so much.

    And I know that this is only possible because of your hard work.  To all my friends who donated their Saturday and their strength to this project, THANK YOU!  I am so grateful to you for your hard work.  The best way I can thank you is to quote from 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 and remind you that these words apply to you:

    The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. As it is written,

    “He has distributed freely, he has given to the poor;
    his righteousness endures forever.”

    10 He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 11 You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God. 12 For the ministry of this service is not only supplying the needs of the saints but is also overflowing in many thanksgivings to God. 13 By their approval of this service, they will glorify God because of your submission flowing from your confession of the gospel of Christ, and the generosity of your contribution for them and for all others, 14 while they long for you and pray for you, because of the surpassing grace of God upon you. 15 Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!

  • five15 Announcements

    In case you missed it Saturday night, there were two main announcements that you might want to know about:

    1. CHRISTMAS PARENTS' NIGHT OUT.  Instead of a Christmas Party, we're devoting ourselves to a service project this year: giving a gift to parents in our church by caring for their kids for a few hours while they get some valuable time alone together.  We'll need your help!  Team leaders will be contacting you this week to see if you are available and willing to help.  If you're not part of a serving team but want to serve at this event, call the church office or email me.
    2. MIDDLE SCHOOL RETREAT LOGO CONTEST.  Want to submit some art for the Middle School Retreat t-shirt?  Bring it on.  The theme this year is "Awake the Dawn" from Psalm 57:6/108:2All designs need to be in by November 30.  The Student Leadership Council will choose a design in December and we'll announce a winner.  Show us what you've got.
  • five15 Big Meeting Tomorrow Night!

    My peeps,

    Don't forget that we've got five15 tomorrow night.  Quick recap of where we've been and where we're going this fall:

    • August five15 Retreat: the Splendid Privilege of Knowing God
    • September/October: Friends
    • November/December: Guy-Girl Relationships.  Tomorrow night, we're going to look at what God's word has to say...

    As always, eats are at 5:15pm (not a coincidence!) and the meeting gets going at 6:30pm.  We're still experimenting with the menu for the eats.  Tomorrow night, we're serving up some barbecue!  Here's the offering from Chef O'Donnell:

    • BBQ Ribs - $1.30ea
    • BBQ Wings - 3 for $1.00
    • Pulled Pork Sandwich - $0.75
    • Bowl of beans - $0.50
    • Bowl of salad - $0.65

    I'm saying that's a tasty meal.  Eat up.

  • A Much-Needed Facelift

    You might assume from the title that I'm talking about me trimming my beard, but I'm not.  It's the blog that has received a face-lift, one that is well overdue.  Special thanks to Karen Freeman for her hard work implementing the new design.

    If you've been around a while, you might remember some older iterations of the blog:


  • 2009 Fall Clean Tax Deductions

    Here is some important information for those of you who have signed up for five15 to come do work for you for the Fall Clean Mexico Fundraiser.  First, let me say THANKS for your support.  We are so grateful for your contribution.  Now, for the details:

    Your five15 Fall Clean Donation supporting the 2010 Juarez Mission Trip and/or Rancho 3M may be partially tax deductible. To compute the deductible amount, subtract the fair market value of the services received from your donation and the remainder is your tax deductible donation amount. Your cancelled check will be your receipt. Please be advised that your donation will not be included in your annual giving statement, so please document your gift appropriately. If the IRS requires further documentation, please contact the church office.

  • Manskool Tomorrow!

    Fellas! Quick reminder: Manskool is tomorrow!  You know the drill: breakfast is served at 7:30 (I promise there will be more donuts this time!), and we'll get started at 8. 

    We'll be following up on the latest five15 message, so if you weren't there and you've got a half hour free, you can download it and listen to it.

    See you tomorrow!

  • Corn Maze Postponed

    In light of all the rain, we're postponing the Corn Maze event from this Sunday to NEXT SUNDAY, October 25.  Check out the farm's website for more information about the maze; directions; more event information is below;




    We've got a BIG MEETING tomorrow night: for all high school and middle school students and their parents.  This week is Friends, Part 2: How To Be A Friend.  Read Hebrews 3:12-13 if you want to get an early start.

    You know the drill: eats at 5:15pm, meeting starts at 6:30.  As always, bring friends, bring your Bible, and please pray for the Holy Spirit to fill us with his presence and feed us with God's Word!

    See you tomorrow night!

  • Musicians: Listen Up!


    I thank God that we have a five15 Band that serves us so well!  What a gift from God.

    I know that there are many of you who are accomplished musicians who would like to serve by playing on the band, but maybe don't have any experience playing with a band.

    If this is you, I'm happy to tell you that Seita Sakaguchi is extending an invitation to you to come play with the main worship team.  This will be a great way to get some experience as well as instruction and advice from more mature musicians. Seita is extending this invitation on the first Saturday morning of each month; rehearsals start at 10:15.  The dates are:

    • September 5
    • October 10
    • November 7
    • December 5
    • January 2
    • February 6
    • March 6
    • May 1
    • June 5
    • July 3
    • July 31

    If you'd like to know more, please email me!

  • For five15 Parents


    I want to let you know about two opportunities coming up for you to be equipped in your task as parents.  These happen to be on the same day: next Saturday, September 26.

    1. COLLEGE CHOICES SEMINAR.  Saturday, 9/26/09, 8am-1pm at CLC.  This event is at Covenant Life Church, led by pastors Jamie Leach and Greg Somerville (the current and former heads of Covenant Life School).  They will help parents answer common questions, like should my kid go to college or not?  Should they stay home or go away?  How do we choose a college and a major?  Learn more here.
    2. not-so-big Meeting.  Saturday, 9/26/09, 6:30pm.  For high school students and parents of high school OR middle school students. We'll be splitting up; parents will benefit from parent equipping teaching by Lou Gallo.  Teens will hear from Stuart McCray about how to walk by the Spirit.

    We're really excited about both of these events.  We know that you will benefit from Jamie and Greg's teaching, and of course, I always love for parents to learn from Lou!

    Hope to you see you at one or both of these events!

  • Manskool Starts on Saturday!

    Fellas!  Manskool starts on Saturday.  As most of you probably know, Manskool is for high school guys and their dads.  You should have received a letter from me with all the details last week; if you didn't, just call the church office.

    You can register online.  Please register so we know to buy a donut or two for you.

    As usual, breakfast is served at 7:30 and we'll get started at 8.  See you on Saturday!

  • Canoe Trip!

    For those of you coming on the canoe trip on Saturday, don't forget the following important details:

    • This Saturday, June 27th, meet at the church at 7 am to drive down together. Please coordinate with other families if you will not be driving.  
    • For those who want to drive from home, please arrive at the Front Royal Canoe Office by 9:00 am (fyi: from the church it is 57.29 miles and can take 1 hour & 15 minutes driving time).  You can’t miss the Front Royal Canoe Office just follow the Front Royal Canoe sign that has a Big Red Canoe on it.
    • We’ll depart as a group down the river at 9:30 am.
    • Don’t forget your lunch (they only have vending machines).  And don’t forget: water/drink, modest swim wear, sunscreen, change of clothes, sandals or old shoes you don't mind getting wet -- NO flip flops.
    • We hope to arrive back at church around 5:30 pm.
    • Physical Address & Phone Numbers for Front Royal Canoe: 8567 Stonewall Jackson Hwy, Front Royal, VA 22630.  (800-727-4371; 540-635-5050; www.shenandoah.cc.)
    • Directions: Traveling West on I-66, take exit 13 (Linden/Front Royal), then take U.S. Rt. 55 West into Front Royal. At the forth traffic light inside of Front Royal, take a left onto U.S. Rt. 340 South. Front Royal Canoe is on the right approximately 3 miles past the entrance to the Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive.

    See you Saturday morning!

  • five15 Canoe Trip!

    The Student Leadership Council is planning several fun this summer!
    The first is a 7-mile canoe trip down the Shenandoah River on Saturday, June 27th.

    • WHO: five15 teens and parents
    • WHEN: Saturday, June 27th.  Meet at the church at 7 am; arrive back at church by 3:30 pm.
    • HOW: Vans/cars will caravan from the church.  Please coordinate with other families if you will not be driving.
    • WHERE: Departure point is Front Royal, VA.
    • WHY: Duh!  It's fun!
    • COST: $21.25 per person -- registration is due in advance and non-refundable after June 20th.
    • WHAT TO BRING:  Lunch, water/drink, modest swim wear, sunscreen, change of clothes, sandals or old shoes you don't mind getting wet -- NO flip flops.
    • NOTE: Two persons per boat.  Junior high teens must be in a canoe with a parent/guardian/older sibling.
    • REGISTER: Sundays: June 7th & 14th in the church lobby, and after the five15 meeting on Saturday, June 13th. 

  • five15 Senior Night on Saturday!


    A quick reminder that Saturday night is a five15 BIG MEETING.  It's Senior Night: our opportunity to honor and thank the graduating seniors for their participation, service, and example in five15.  We'll hear several seniors address us from what they've learned, and we'll give out the Senior Awards.  Plus, we're welcoming all the rising 7th graders as well.  I can't wait.

    As always, Pizza and Ping-Pong begins at 5:15pm, and the meeting itself starts at 6:30!  See you then!

  • five15 Current Events

    Here is what's going on:

    RYE on Saturday!  For high school students and their parents, a quick reminder that our Regional Youth Event is coming up THIS SATURDAY, at 7:30pm at Covenant Life Church.  Why not plan on arranging a ride with someone you don't know so well, and use the drive over and dinner before hand to get to know them better?

    five15 Retreat Registration Opened Yesterday!  For all current 8th-11th grade students (next year's high school students), five15 Retreat Registration opens today!  Registration is online and is open through the month of April.

    five15 Meeting Schedule.  I'm sorry about the unusual meeting schedule during these months.  We didn't have a not-so-big meeting in March because there was going to be a marriage seminar that weekend, but it got cancelled too late for us to add a meeting to the calendar. April is unusual because we have both RYE and the Mexico trip.  So the next youth meeting we have in our building is on Saturday, May 9.  Again, I'm sorry for infrequent meetings over these months.  Not having meetings doesn't mean five15 has to grind to a halt.  As the weather is warming up, feel free to host a picnic or a soccer game with others!  Remember the five15 Challenge: be deliberate to invite teens you don't know as well!

  • five15 BIG MEETING Tomorrow!

    Reminder: tomorrow's five15 meeting is a BIG MEETING with special guests Bob and Devon Kauflin.  See you at 6:30!



  • Worship & Ministry Night on Sunday

    Heads up:

    There will be a Worship and Ministry Meeting on Sunday, February 15th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in the Main Auditorium.  Coffee and refreshments will be served after the meeting in the Basement Auditorium with special bonus: five15 will host separate table set up in the Basement Auditorium for the Bake Sale Fundraiser!
  • five15 BIG MEETING on Saturday

    Our next five15 BIG MEETING is on Saturday! 

    We're talking about Philippians.  This week, come find out about how joy is different than happiness and why finding joy is better than having fun (and might make having fun even funner).

    See you on Saturday!

  • Introducing Next

    Breaking news: New Attitude is no more.  Actually, it still is, but with a new name:


    I know this is only relevant to the Seniors at this point, but thought you'd all be interested in the scoop:

    Dear friends,

    After ten years, we're giving New Attitude a new name. New Attitude—that is, the name—is over. This year we're launching Next:

    May 23-26 (Memorial Day weekend)
    Baltimore, Maryland

    We talked to Josh Harris about why the conference has been renamed Next. Here’s what he told us:

    Why change the name?
    Josh: The name New Attitude was a holdover from a magazine I published many years ago, but it really has no connection with what the conference is about. The name Next better captures the vision that’s always been at the core of this event.

    What is the vision of Next?
    Josh: So much of the heart and mission of this event will be the same. The vision of Next is to gather worshipers of Jesus Christ who burn with a passion to see the gospel transferred to the next generation.

    Are there any common misconceptions about the name "Next"?
    Josh: Some might think the name Next is preoccupied with what is new, the latest, or the "next thing." Or even the idea that the "next generation" is more exciting because young is better than old. Actually, it’s just the opposite. We’re not concerned with what is new. We’re not here to innovate. We want to proclaim, understand, and faithfully transmit truth from God’s Word that never changes—truth that is solid and sound and old. And we’re not fascinated with the next generation because it’s better. We just love Jesus and we want whoever is coming behind us to know him, love him, and worship him with us.

    Who should come to this conference?
    Josh: Over the years New Attitude has come to be thought of as a "singles conference" or a "college event." But Next recognizes that transferring the gospel is not limited to an age group or a marital status. I view it as an opportunity to introduce attendees to the faithful pastors and theologians who have most deeply affected my life. There’s no generation gap. There’s only rapt attention and joy in the glorious gospel that transcends all cultures and ages.

    We hope to see you in Baltimore!

  • Manskool Starts on Saturday

    For high school guys and their dads, Manskool starts on Saturday morning!  Here's a chance for guys to talk about real issues, and see what God's Word teaches us about these issues.


    • Starts at 8am.
    • Breakfast will be provided from 7:30-8:00.
    • Bring your Bible, a notebook, and a pen.
    • Register online! (You can come even if you don't get a chance to register.)

    See you on Saturday!

  • five15 not-so-big meeeting on Saturday!

    Just a reminder: we have a not-so-big meeting on Saturday!  So, high school students and parents, see you at 5:15 for Pizza and Ping-Pong or 6:30 for the meeting!

    Please pray for our guest speaker: Luke Middleton.  

    See you on Saturday night...

  • A Special Announcement

    I’m happy to tell you that the five15 blog is moving…

    …without going anywhere.

    This will be my last post for about a week while the guts of the blog are moved onto a new host or server or something.  The address for the blog will stay the same, but I think we’ll be getting a new look.  Check back around December 1 for all the fun.