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  • Registration for Beat-the-Clock

    You can register for Beat-the-Clock even at the door, but registration fee goes up after this weekend. (See flyer for more details.)

  • Beat-the-Clock Workshop - March 9

    I have posted a new flyer for this workshop under Co-op Documents and will have new flyers at Co-op with a place to put student name and contact info. So sorry that this was missing from the previous one.

  • Consider your 9th (& 10th) grader for Beat the Clock Workshop

    This year's Beat-the-Clock Workshop, which is coming up on March 9, is scheduled on a SAT test day. Our plan will be for Janice to do her SAT-prep workshop in 2014, so she won't do her Beat-the-Clock Workshop again until 2015. Your now 9th grader could be taking his or her SAT two years from now as a junior on the day of the workshop, so you may want to consider having your 9th (and of course 10th) grader take the Beat-the-Clock this year.

  • Beat-the-Clock Workshop - March 9

    Times and details are confirmed. There is a flyer posted under Co-op Documents entitled "Beat-the-Clock Workshop". The Beat-the-Clock workshop is from 10:30-3:00 (could be done a bit earlier) on 3/9.  Early registration is $40 (made out to Janice Campbell) and is due to Susan by 3/2.

  • Beat-the-Clock Workshop - March 9

    Janice Campbell will be teaching her "Beat-the-Clock" (timed essay) workshop at the building on Saturday, March 9. I am firming up details with her. Time will be either 10:00-2:30 or 10:30-3:00.

  • Beat-the-Clock Workshop!

    Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop - Saturday, March 12th (at the building) 10:30-3:00 (I've participated in this workshop a number of times, and I highly recommend it!) Taught by Janice Campbell (Author of Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College!) Intimidated by the new SAT essay? Unnerved at the thought of essay questions on college exams? Come to the Beat-the-Clock Essay Workshop where you’ll learn: A simple three-step process for writing essays on any subject A quick formula for mak...

  • Save the Date! Beat-the-Clock Workshop

    Details are coming - but Janice Campbell will come and do her "Beat-the-Clock" (Timed Essay Writing) Workshop on Saturday, March 12. I'm confirming time, but it will probably be about 10:30 to 3:00 and will cost approx. $40-$50.

  • Beat-the-Clock and Transcript Workshops

  • Beat-the-Clock Workshop