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  • Your Co-op Schedule

    HI all, We have begun working on helper slots. 1. If you plan on dropping or requesting a change for any of your kids' classes, PLEASE let me know right away as it is very difficult to change things once we assign helper positions.

  • More Helper Position Needs!!

    With the Whitacres moving away (we will miss you!!!), we have a few helper positions to fill (IMMEDIATELY!) If you can fill one (or more) of these, if you have a creative solution in mind, or if you are a teacher of one of these classes and you do not need this helper position filled, PLEASE let me know.  9:00 - History 3-4 10:10 - Kindergarten-4 11:20 - Art 3-4 Thanks so much!! Susan

  • Curious about getting subs

    Hi all, Could you all let me know what it is like to get subs? Is it hard? Easy?

  • Need a helper in Co-op

    Starting THIS THURSDAY (and for the rest of the year), we need a helper in Art 4-6 (11:20-12:20).  Ines Hoyle serves in that spot, but she needs to be able to leave the building during that hour. She is willing to take someone's 10:10-11:10 serving slot to free someone up to take this Art slot. If you are able to take this slot or if you want to trade slots, please let me know ASAP.

  • One request - Hall Monitors Main Floor?

    Hi all, We have had some requests to staff a hall monitor on the main floor (Thursdays - during the morning hours). Before I try to figure out who might be available, I thought I'd ask for volunteers. Are you available one (or more) of those hours?

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