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  • Course Descriptions & Room Assignments - Please Check

    Almost all of the course descriptions are up. 4-6 History is not ready yet, and the Computer class' description is there, but it is a draft (with missing class fees), as the class is still tentative. TEACHERS - PLEASE CHECK your course description to see if it is correct.

  • Study Hall/Childcare

    Sorry for the confusing wording on my last post. (Must have been late!) Right now - nothing is moving - so no worries. Study Hall is still in the same place and Childcare is still in the same place.

  • Study Hall on the main level????

    I do not know yet (from a room availability standpoint) if this is even a remote possibility - but - IF we could figure it out - are there reasons that moving study hall to another level (other than the) basement would definitely NOT be a good idea? (We would consider this in order to move childcare back down to the basement.) Thanks! Update (added 9/20/11) - Study Hall is staying in B01 (at least for now).

  • Toddler Rooms Available

    The toddler rooms on the main level are available for moms and small children when you are not serving  - if that will help you at all.  There is a SLIGHT possibility that we will have to use those rooms for something else, but for now they are open (and I hope we do not need to use them for anything else.) Thanks

  • Room Assignments

    Hi all, Room Assignments have been posted under Co-op Documents (and then entitled Co-op Room Assignments 2011-2012). There could still be slight changes, but in general this will be correct. Teachers, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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