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  • Alarm button in elevator!!

    Last Thursday, the alarm button in the elevator was pushed at about 8:53. If you or your kids were in the building at that time last Thursday, could you please chat with your kids (of ALL AGES) to see if they were using the elevator and if they know anything about this? Could you also take the opportunity to make it very clear that the alarm button must not be pushed unless they are truly stuck in the elevator?

  • Need a young lady to clean the ladies' bathroom

    The church office needs a young lady to clean the basement ladies' room on Thursday afternoons. This includes stocking (I think), wiping down the sinks and counters and floors, cleaning the toilets "if needed" and emptying the trash. It may take close to an hour and pays (I think) $10 for that hour.

  • Church Office Request - Snow Markers in the Parking Lot

    Apparently our kids are “playing swords” on Thursdays (Tuesday as well?) outside with the snow markers (those tall "stick things" on the edge of the grassy areas in the parking lot).  (I always wondered what those things were!) The staff at the office is telling us that this MUST NOT HAPPEN!!! There are safety issues, the snow markers can be easily broken, and they are very difficult to get in the ground correctly (requires a special drill etc...). Apparantely we have been very lax and even...

  • Free File Cabinets

    From Shelly at the church... We have about five or six 4-drawer filing cabinets, one 3-drawer and one 2-drawer that we would like to donate. We thought some homeschooling families might be interested first.

  • On Second Thought...Lights ON!!!

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