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  • First Thursday of Co-op

    I hope your first day/week of Co-op was great. Thanks to everyone for a great start. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

  • Need help with 9:00 Childcare (and maybe 10:10)

    Our 9:00 hour has been a little challenging to staff (due to a number of reasons.) It is our busiest Childcare hour, we have only 3 people serving in Childcare (it's better to have 4), we have our smallest sub list that hour, AND we have NO Childcare sub for 9:00. If you are free that hour (9:00 Thursdays) and would be willing to either 1. Serve in Childcare all year or 2.

  • Lists sent out and more needs

    I just sent an e-mail to everyone with an email/phone list, sub list and study hall list. If you did not get it - please let me know. Also - we still have a couple of needs.

  • First Thursday of Co-op

    HI all, We will have a brief Assembly Time in the basement auditorium on the first Thursday of Co-op (9/13) at 9:00.  If you are not normally at the building at this time, you do not need to come in for this. If you are, please plan to assembly in the basement aud. for a brief 5-10 minutes gathering.

  • Kitchen Training

    Remember, if you are going to be using the kitchen in your class AT ALL, you need to be kitchen trained. Also, if you are helping with making or cleaning up coffee, you need to get trained. Carol Sawyer has been doing these trainings.

  • Coffee Maker(s) on Thursdays

    I don't think I've found a good fit for Thursday coffee maker. It's best for someone who can easily get to the building before 9:00 - even close to 8:30. If you can do this, please let me know.

  • In need of early arrivers at Co-op (and coffee makers)

    I need a person who can arrive a bit early on Tuesdays and one who can arrive a bit early on Thursdays during the Co-op year. (and some "coffee people" needs as well). If you can commit to one or more of these positions, please let me know.

  • Co-op Orientation - Sunday, September 16

    Our Co-op Orientation will be held on Sunday evening, September 16 from 7:30-9:00 pm. Please plan to attend. It's our only time to review old policies, discuss new ones and talk face to face about needs for the year.

  • British Lit

    We are considering (NOT DEFINITE) switching Penny Lamon's British Lit class to 1:00 on Thursdays. If you currently have a student in the class, could you bounce me back (again) and tell me if this would work for them/you? If you do NOT currently have a student in the class but would like to put someone in IF it is held at this hour (1:00 on Thursdays), could you bounce me back and tell me that?

  • British Lit

    Penny Lamons is currently offering a Co-op British Lit. class in the fall on Tuesdays at 1:00 for grades 10-12 (younger considered upon parent request.) Currently, the class does not have enough students in it to provide an effective group discussion format (which is the strength of the class.) Would any of you be interested in the class if it were offered at a different time, and, if so, what time(s)? Penny prefers Tuesdays.

  • Tutor

    Sharon Becker is willing and available to tutor math and science (all but physics) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 (or 2:30). We are not entirely certain as to how to work the details (just drop in? schedule ahead of time?

  • Your Co-op Schedule

    HI all, We have begun working on helper slots. 1. If you plan on dropping or requesting a change for any of your kids' classes, PLEASE let me know right away as it is very difficult to change things once we assign helper positions.

  • Possible Soccer Club

    There is very possibly going to be a "soccer club" for grades 5-12 on Thursday afternoons (probably beginning in November - AFTER the boys' soccer season) from 2:35-3:30. Jonathan Strylowski is leading this, and his mom is involved with him. They/she would love another adult (or more than one) to be involved.

  • Looks like we have teachers!

    While exactly who is doing what is not 100% certain, it looks like both the art teacher and the sign language teacher positions have been filled. Thank you to all who offered and to all who prayed. The response was really amazing.

  • In need of some teachers

    We've lost a teacher for the fall, so we are in pretty serious need of: 1. an Art 1-2 teacher (1st and 2nd graders) 2. a Basic Sign Language teacher (1st and 2nd graders) 3.

  • All Co-op Classes Confirmed

    HI all, I have confirmed all enrollments in Co-op classes. Please double-check all the e-mails to make sure that 1. Everything is correct (Teachers and Parents) and 2.

  • Co-op Checks

    Hi all, I'm not sure I will have time to send out confirmation e-mails this week re. Co-op registration. Most of you got into the classes you requested.

  • Science 3-4, 5-6 and Life Science update

    Please see updated Course Descriptions (and fees) for Science 3-4, Science 5-6 and Life Science. There are two editions available for the science book that Science 3-4 and Science 5-6 are using. You can get either one.

  • Co-op Registration - Schedule Conflict???

    As I posted before, Co-op registrations are April 22 and 29 before and after church. As you may have seen, there is now a Parents' Seminar on April 22 at noon (and a Jr. High Orientation on 4/29).

  • Co-op Registration

    Registration for the 2012-2013 Co-op will take place in the church lobby before and after church on Sunday April 22 and 29. All paperwork is now available here on the blog. http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea Look under Course Descriptions and access: Course Descriptions Schedule Policy Manual Registration Packet (print - there are forms to be filled out) (print extra Student Registration Forms from the Registration Packet (pages 5-6) Please let me know if you need help in figuring out the paperw...

  • Updates on 2012-2013 Calendar - Christmas Break

    Thanks for all the feedback on Christmas Break dates. Here's what was decided based on your input. Option 2: We will meet Thursday 12/13 and Tuesday 12/18 and then take off 12/20-1/2 and resume on Thursday 1/3.

  • Course Descriptions

    I hope to post all the 2012-2013 Course Descriptions on the blog this week (probably not until Friday). That means that all the current course descriptions will disappear. If you want to save any of the current course descriptions, please save them from the blog immediately.

  • Economics Class - 1:00 on Thursdays

    The Economics class has found a home at 1:00 on Thursdays. The class will be for students in grades 10-12. Thanks so much for those who gave input on the time.

  • Co-op 2012-2013 Schedule Update

    An updated schedule has been posted under Co-op Documents. Looks like Econ will be either 1:00 on Thursdays or 11:05 on Tuesdays. If I have not heard from you, let me know.

  • Asking again about the Economics class

    Hi all, I know I just posted this, but really need to hear from you. Even if you don't have any idea when you might be available, but you think you're interested, please let me know. Chris and I need to figure out if there is enough interest to pursue this, and I need to know who I need to talk to re.

  • Checks at Registration

    If your class is taught by more than one teacher, I need to know who you want the checks made out to. So...please send your course description with your class fee, let me know how many copies per student per week and who is receiving the class fees (and don't forget to include any class contracts - which can be on a second page.) Thanks.

  • Economics Class next year??

    Chris Jones has offered to teach an Economics class next year for grades 10-12. It would be a full-year class worth a full credit. It will involved about 2 hours of work each week outside of class.

  • Science 3-4 and 5-6 slight change for next year

    There's been a slight change on the topics for next year's Science 3-4 and 5-6. Both classes will be studying only chemistry (instead of chemistry and physics). The following year (2013-2014) they will spend the year on physics.

  • Question regarding Christmas Break dates for next year

    S  M  T  W  T  F  S              1  2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31            Here is a calendar for December 2012. Fairfax County Public Schools' Christmas Break is 12/24-1/1. What should our Christmas break be next year?

  • Course Descriptions Needed

    Due by the end of February (to me electronically) Course Description on one page. (If you have a “contract” – that can be an additional page.) Use Arial 10 pt. font for the entire document First 6 lines are centered, bolded, and double-spaced between lines.

  • Who needs Pre-Calculus next year?

    I need to make sure that there are students needing Pre-Calculus next year. If your student plans on taking it with David Wheeler next year, could you bounce me back and let me know? Thanks!

  • Update on Survival Skills

    Marlene would like a Co-Teacher for Survival Skills. Let one of us know if you are open to this. A number of you have asked for more details on the class and how the wide age group is going to work.

  • Updates on 2012-2013 Schedule

    Penny's literature class is going to be British Lit. (but she says it still can coordinate well with Sara Jane's history if desired.) Sharon's Physical Science - Tuesday slot - moving to 1:00 pm. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Co-op 2012-2013 schedule questions (changes?)

    1. THURSDAY - Right now Sara Jane's American History is offered at 11:20 and 1:00. The 11:20 must stay (for her own needs).

  • Co-op 2012-2013 - need response

    Hi everyone. We had a GREAT meeting last night. Thanks to all of you who came.

  • Co-op Meeting Tonight!

    Reminder - We are having a Co-op 2012-2013 meeting at the building tonight (1/8).  If you are teaching, have ideas for classes, would like to consider teaching or would like to know more about next year’s Co-op, please join us. For this meeting, we get started a bit earlier - so refreshments at 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:00. The meeting will officially be over by 9:00 (or before), but I will be available to chat after if you want to discuss next year further.

  • Calling all parents of rising 1st-4th (& 7th) graders!!

    Still looking for teachers for Science 1-2 and Science 3-4 for next year. (One person is considering Science 1-2 but she is not certain yet and she needs a co-teacher.) I don't think I've heard from anyone re. Science 3-4 (yet).

  • Meeting THIS SUNDAY

    This Sunday (1/8) we will have a Co-op 2012-2013 meeting at the building. For this meeting, we get started a bit earlier - so refreshments at 6:30 and the meeting begins at 7:00. The meeting will officially be over by 9:00 (or before), but I will be available to chat after if you want to discuss next year further.

  • Junior High Class Needed next year

    It looks to me like we could use a 7th/8th grade class at 11:20 next year. If you have a student that age, let me know if there is something you'd like to offer. Ideas: Art?

  • Co-op 2012-2013

    The first working draft of the Co-op 2012-2013 schedule was at Co-op today. I will try to bring an updated one every Thursday. I am not going to post one here on the blog until later since it changes so often.

  • Survival Skills Co-op Class Next Year - Looking for Input

    Marlene Mika would like to offer one or two survival skills classes next year in Co-op. She/we are looking for your thoughts and responses about: 1. She would like a co-teacher with current or recent first aid certification/former nurse.

  • Things to consider for next year's Co-op

    Here are a couple of things to start thinking about for next year... 1. I'm not sure I have a 1st/2nd grade art teacher.

  • Possible Computer Class

    Andrew Deck is willing to offer a computer class. He's thinking "Beginning Programming", but he's open to other things as well. He would need a morning slot.

  • Co-op 2012-2013

    It's time to start talking about next year! (Actually a few of you have already talked to me!) So - if you are currently teaching - will you come back? Teach the same thing?