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    Educational Evaluations for Year-End Proof-of-Progress: Professional educator, home-educating dad, and SGC member "Coach" Lamons, is offering the 25th season of educational evaluations for home-educated students. Evaluations are accepted by all school districts as "proof of progress" for year-end reporting (in lieu of testing) and can be valuable as positive individual assessment of strengths, weaknesses, planning curriculum and subject placement for your students, as well as showing to grandpar...

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    If you want to participate in this year's testing, remember to register by Feb. 28. If you are looking for a testing alternative: Educational Evaluations for Year-End Proof-of-Progress Church member, "Coach" Lamons, a professional educator, is again offering educational evaluations for home educated students (for 23 years!).

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    Save the Dates! Standardized Testing The Stanford Achievement Test will be administered for grades K-12 from May 2nd through 4th (Wednesday through Friday) here at Sovereign Grace Church. The registration deadline this year is Tuesday March 13.

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