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  • In need of high school chemistry (or physics) teacher next year

    Jean and Laures have been teaching chemistry for quite a few years now, and Laura and I (Susan) have been teaching physics. We think Jean won't be back next year. Laures and Laura are the lab teachers in these respective classes.

  • AP Anatomy

    Martha Weaver is also considering the possibility of conducting an AP Anatomy class on Tuesday mornings during the usual science time slot (9:35-11:00). If you are interested in this opportunity for your high school student next year, please let Martha or Susan know as soon as possible (also via email). Thanks!

  • Correction on Elementary Science for next year

    The elementary science teachers worked out a change this year that I had forgotten to write down. Next year's science for 3rd/4th and 5th/6th is physics (not zoology.) We need a teacher(s) for 3rd/4th.

  • Science 3-4 and 5-6 slight change for next year

    There's been a slight change on the topics for next year's Science 3-4 and 5-6. Both classes will be studying only chemistry (instead of chemistry and physics). The following year (2013-2014) they will spend the year on physics.

  • Looking for some science movies

    The 1st & 2nd Grade Science Class Teachers are looking for two DVD/VHS videos that have been used in years past. We have been unable to locate them and were wondering if any of you have them or might have ones that we could borrow? The titles are: Journey to the Edge of Creation and The Big Space Shuttle.