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  • Soccer Policy

    Hi all, We are adjusting the "Soccer Policy" to a split between Grades 1-6 and Grades 7-12. We will adhere to this policy for the remaining two Thursdays of Co-op. We will implement this policy at the beginning of next year if there is a need.

  • Updates for the week

    Hi all, 1. Second drama auditions are tomorrow night. The schedule has been sent out via e-mail.

  • Splitting Soccer Fields this Thursday

    Over the last few weeks of Co-op, there have been a lot more young kids (like 2nd graders) coming out to play soccer. That is fine, but after discussing this, we feel we need to implement our "2 soccer field policy" because the smaller ones are getting hurt (and might get hurt more). This is what our policy manual says (and has said for years): "On nice days, if there are too many kids to play on one soccer field, the teams will be divided in this way: ages 12 and under on Field 1 and ages 13 an...

  • Outside play - tackling??

    Hi all, Occasionally a few boys play tackle football at Co-op at lunch time. Anybody have thoughts on this? Also, occasionally (apparently) the soccer game gets a bit "lively" and there perhaps are a few tackles going on there.

  • Outside on Tuesdays

    During Co-op hours, students may only be outside if an "official" adult is outside with them. Our policies do not allow students to be out between classes because we cannot "staff" outside between classes. (So, your students should not be going outside between classes) (unless, of course, they are with you).

  • Soccer Field/Outside Monitors

    We have been asked to re-institute a soccer field/outsid monitor on Thursdays during lunch time. I think I have someone to organize this, but if you are willing to help with the organization of this, please let me know. I do think we need to be prepared to go out there even in the cold (not the rain - but in the cold).