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  • Please Email Study Hall Schedules

    In an effort to update and keep updated our Study Hall Roster and give our Study Hall Monitors the tools that they need to be responsible for the students in their study hall hour, could each family e-mail me and tell me ALL THEIR STUDENTS' STUDY HALL SCHEDULES. If you do not use Study Hall at all, please send me an e-mail saying that (i.e. The Smiths do not use study hall at all.) If there are "weird hours" (i.e.

  • Thursdays 2:00-2:30

    Hi all, This is the first year that some of our Thursday 1:00 classes extend to 2:30 (instead of 2:00). This means that there are a number of kids that are out of class at 2:00 (and in the basement lobby) while there are a number of classes still going on. We immediately saw that noise is going to be an issue.

  • 11:00-12:30 Study Hall on TUESDAYS??

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