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  • How was your first week at Co-op?

    So, one week down, 31 (or 33 - depending on whether you are counting Tuesdays or Thursdays) to go! How was the first week? Any problems?

  • Assembly Time First Day of Co-op (Thursday)

    We will have a brief assembly time at 9:00 am on the first day (Thursday - 9/15) of Co-op in the Basement Auditorium. Vince will greet everyone and pray for our year. If you are not normally at the building at that time, no need to come in.

  • Corrections on Sub List and E-Mail List

    I sent out the Co-op email list and Sub list this past week. If you did not receive it, please let me know. There are two corrections needed.

  • Need a helper in Co-op

    Hi all, Long story (and too complicated to go into), BUT - would there be anyone who is not serving during the 10:10-11:10 hour on Thursdays this year at Co-op who would be willing to serve (for the whole year) in one of these three classes: 1. Childcare? 2.

  • Luke's "One Thing" Class

    As Luke Middleton has prepared for the 7th-9th grade "One Thing" class, he loves the book picked by Steve, but he thinks it's a little short to cover the whole year. He would like to pick a second book to use, and he wants to make sure that won't cause a financial issue for the parents. If you have a student in his class and you have any concerns about adding a second book, please let me know.

  • We have a U.S. History Class! (Graded 10-12)

    Dawn Okada and Gina Lannon have decided to offer a small U.S. History class for grades 10-12 on Thursday afternoons 1:00-2:00. The course description is under Course Descriptions, and I've included it here as well.

  • French 3

    We've added a French 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30. If you have any questions or need any more info. on this, please ask Mary directly or send to me and I will send to her.

  • Moms of Pre-schoolers at Co-op at 1:00

    Hi all, I'm working on helper slots for Co-op, and I'm trying to staff a 1:00 Childcare. If you have children in 1:00 classes AND you have a pre-schooler (anything under 1st grade) AND you are going to be at the building during the 1:00 hour next year, could you e-mail and tell me that? Thanks!

  • Drama Club Job Descriptions

    If you plan to sign up for Drama Club, there is a separate PDF file now listed directly under the Course Description for Drama Club entitled Drama Club Job Descriptions. Drama takes a significant commitment from both student and parent, so please take a look at these positions that need to be filled. Thanks

  • Changes with the Co-op Pastors' Classes

    Vince will no longer be teaching a Co-op class next year. Seita's class will now be the only "pastor class" offered for 10th-12th graders. Steve will no longer be teaching his class.

  • Co-op Registration

    Registration for the 2011-2012 Co-op will take place in the church lobby before and after church on Sunday April 10 and 17. All paperwork is now available here on the blog. http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea Look under Course Descriptions and access: Course Descriptions Schedule Policy Manual Registration Packet (print - there are forms to be filled out) Student Registration Form (print for additional forms - one per student required) Please let me know if you need help in figuring out the paper...

  • couple of changes

    Sara Eaton's World Geography is now for grades 6-7 and the fee is slightly increased. Sara Jane's European History has some updates - new ISBN numbers (I think.) Science 5-6 is now uploaded. Intro to Speech and Comm.'s fee is slightly increased.

  • More info on registration

    Looks like we are confirmed for April 10 and April 17 - before and after church - in the main lobby - Co-op registration. I am now putting all the paperwork you will need under "Course Descriptions."  So under "Course Descriptions" you will find all of the Course Descriptions AND you will also find "Registration Packet," Policy Manual," and "Student Registration Form."  There is one "Student Registration Form" in the Registration Packet, and you can print multiple copies of the form st...

  • Real Science-4-Kids Biology Level I book

    Next year's 5th/6th grade Botany/Biology science class is going to mainly use Exploring Creation with Botany (Apologia) - but is going to intermittently use the Real Science-4-Kids Biology Level I book by Dr. R. W.

  • Course Descriptions and Registration Material on the blog

    Almost all of the Course Descriptions are now on the blog (under Course Descriptions). http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea/ All the Co-op Registration Material will be on the blog (hopefully) within a few days. I'm waiting on a few details on two classes.

  • 10:10 8th Grade Class! We've got one!

    The Mccoys are moving back to Fairfax this summer, and Elisabeth is going to teach an 8th grade geography/current events/maybe-some-speech/maybe-some-geology class at 10:10-11:10. We are going to put some sort of course description together, but many details will probably not be known until this summer. For those of you who will need to know what the weekly work-load will be and/or if it can be counted as a high-school credit, I believe you will have to wait until later in the summer to know tho...

  • Heads-Up on Co-op Registration and Course Descriptions

    Course descriptions will be available exclusively here on the blog (not in "the packets") this year. I have begun to upload them, so please become familiar with where they are and ask me if you need any help. I hope to have them all up by early next week.

  • Lots of Schedule Updates

    Events Planning is off the Co-op schedule. I believe it's going to be offered outside of Co-op. Details will be coming.

  • Update on Schedule

    Updated schedule under Co-op Documents. The newest version is #18. PE is now for Grades 5-6 and will run from 2:10-3:10.

  • Desperate for 1st/2nd Grade Co-Teachers

    We are getting somewhat desperate for 1st/2nd Grade Co-Teachers in Science and History - first priority Science. Cherie does not plan on offering this class (science) on her own, so if we do not find a co-teacher, I do not know if 1st/2nd Grade Science will be offered. Even if you do not have a child in that class (and A LOT of the 1st/2nd grade moms are already teaching in other places), if you would be willing to co-teach this class (or at least look into it), PLEASE let Cherie and me know.

  • Government/Current Events Interest???

    Kathy Rossell is wondering... if there are students (10th-12th) who would be interested in a Government and Current Events -type course at the 1:00 hour (on Thursdays.) The course would focus on the structure and workings of the U.S. Government, and would also involve some study of other governmental systems.

  • Geometry AND Algebra I!!

    Geometry at 8:30 on Tuesdays. Alg. 1 at 9:35 on Tuesdays Official.

  • Geometry AND Algebra I!!

    It's official, Gary Helms is going to teach Geometry and Algebra I! These can ONLY be on Tuesday mornings (8:30 and 9:35) (so please do not ask him to consider another time.) I'm not sure of the curriculum yet, but will let you know when I know. So - I think Geometry should be at 8:30 (before the science hour - since I would guess that some geometry students will be in biology or another science) and that Algebra I should be at 9:35 (because most of these students are probably in physical scienc...

  • Intro to French Update

    Mary's "Intro to French" is now 6th-9th grade (5th grade with permission). Don't worry! She does plan on offering this again (hopefully every year).

  • Co-op Schedule (Physical Science, Spanish II and a New Art Class!)

    There is obviously no way to have no conflicts - so I'm trying to minimize the science/foreign language conflicts as both of those are "core" and "required" classes. I think that Spanish 2 needs to move back up to 11:20 (on Thursdays) (at the same time as French 2 and ASL), and then we should keep all science off that hour so there is not a language/science conflict. (I realize this causes a Spanish/photography conflict.

  • Physical Science Question (and Biology update)

    Sharon Becker is coming back next year to teach PHYSICAL SCIENCE AND BIOLOGY!!!! Biology will be at 10:10 on Thursdays and 9:35 on Tuesdays. Physical Science will be at 1:00 on Thursdays and EITHER AT 1:00 or 11:05 on Tuesdays.

  • French 1 (again)

    Just to clarify. I do NOT need to hear from you if you are interested in Mary's "Intro to French." I DO want to hear from you if you are in need of FRENCH 1 (high-school level) (but open to able middle-schoolers) next year - which is currently not on the schedule. All those hoping for French 1 next year - e-mail me or Mary.


    Mary is offering an intro to French next year for Grades 5-8. She is wondering who might be interested in a French 1 class next year. If you are seriously considering the need for French 1 next year, please let one of us know.

  • PE?

    Val Cymes is willing to lead a PE class next year at 2:00 for Grades 4-6. Who might be interested?  (Note the time change from this year.)

  • Possible Math Teacher

    This is hot-off-the-press and uncertain - but God may have provided a math teacher (once-a-week on Tuesday MORNINGS - not afternoon). I need to know what math is most needed: Alg. 1, Alg.

  • Copy Fee for Next Year's Co-op

    Teachers, For next year..... I once again need to know approximately how many copies you will be making - either total each week, total for the year, total per student - whatever is easier for you to figure out. And then I need to add a copy fee to your class fee.

  • Speech at 10:10 or at 1:00

    Speech I is looking pretty definite for next year (thank you, Kathy.) Right now we have it listed at 1:00 (same time as Sara Jane's history) (and other stuff). There's been a request to move it to 10:10 (same time as Jennyce's writing and Marcie's drawing) (and other stuff). What do you think?
  • Spanish II

    Spanish II - 11:20 or 1:00 on Thursdays?  Let me know! Thanks!
  • Co-op 2011-2012 Schedule

    1. Kathy Rossell is considering a Speech 1 class at 1:00 (Thursdays.)  Does that work for those who are interested? 2.
  • More Schedule Questions

    1. 6th grade geography added to 11:20 2. Jennyce's Writing at 10:10 or 11:20?
  • Co-op 2011-2012 Schedule

    Updated potential schedule under Co-op Documents. I am constantly uploading the newest version (sometimes multiple times a day), so check back often! And come to the meeting on Sunday!
  • Co-op 2011-2012 Schedule Question/Needs

    Two things... 1. (Like this year) We have no art for 6th graders for next year.  Would someone like to offer a 6th grade art class?
  • Co-op 2011-2012 Questions/Needs

    I have put a tentative 2011-2012 schedule under Documents.  Here are a few needs (or possible needs) and questions: 1. Kathy Rossell needs to know who might be interested in Speech and what classes you would want Speech to NOT conflict with (bad sentence - sorry). Please let her know (or bounce me back and I will forward to her.) 2.
  • Co-op 2011-2012 Home-Ed Meeting

    On Sunday evening, January 9, we will discuss the 2011-2012 Sovereign Grace Home-School Co-op. If you have ideas for classes, if you would like to consider teaching in next year’s Co-op, or if you would like to know more about next year’s Co-op, please join us. Light refreshments and fellowship begin at 6:30 p.m.
  • Need Teachers and Need to Hear From You!