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  • Co-op Registration on Sunday

    Just a quick reminder that Co-op registration begins at 9:00 on Sunday morning, April 21, in the church lobby. The registration table will be open before and after church on the 21st and on the 28th. If you have any questions, feel free to bounce back to this message.

  • Co-op Sign-ups beginning at 9:00 on 4/21

    The registration table should be "open for business" by about 9:00 on both 4/21 and 4/28. It will somewhat depend on those who are doing the registering being trained and feeling ready to go. We could use two people to be on stand-by to help at the registration table on 4/21 and one to two people on 4/28 (in case someone who is scheduled cannot do it.) You need to be available before and after church, and you need to be able to be there by 8:45.

  • Co-op Registration Paper Work Now on the Blog

    All the Co-op registration paperwork is now on the blog. You may access: 1. Course Descriptions (a few have been updated) 2.

  • Co-op Registration

    Registration for next year's Co-op will take place before and after church in the lobby on Sunday, April 21 and 28. The registration packet will be available on the blog next week. All the course descriptions are there now.

  • Co-op Checks

    Hi all,  I know of at least one class that has not deposited the Co-op checks yet. I have asked them to contact the families in the class to notify them of that. TEACHERS - IF YOU HAVE NOT DEPOSITED/CASHED YOUR CO-OP CHECKS - PLEASE CONTACT YOUR FAMILIES IMMEDIATELY AND PLEASE DEPOSIT THOSE IMMEDIATELY.

  • Co-op Enrollment and Checks

    Co-op registration went great. Thanks to everyone who helped. We do have  couple of waiting lists, and I'm waiting to hear from a few teachers before I can confirm registration.

  • Last Sunday for Co-op Registration

    In order to receive your teacher- or returning family-priority status, you MUST register for Co-op this Sunday in the lobby (4/17) before or after church. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks

  • Co-op Registration

    Registration for the 2011-2012 Co-op will take place in the church lobby before and after church on Sunday April 10 and 17. All paperwork is now available here on the blog. http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea Look under Course Descriptions and access: Course Descriptions Schedule Policy Manual Registration Packet (print - there are forms to be filled out) Student Registration Form (print for additional forms - one per student required) Please let me know if you need help in figuring out the paper...

  • More info on registration

    Looks like we are confirmed for April 10 and April 17 - before and after church - in the main lobby - Co-op registration. I am now putting all the paperwork you will need under "Course Descriptions."  So under "Course Descriptions" you will find all of the Course Descriptions AND you will also find "Registration Packet," Policy Manual," and "Student Registration Form."  There is one "Student Registration Form" in the Registration Packet, and you can print multiple copies of the form st...

  • Course Descriptions and Registration Material on the blog

    Almost all of the Course Descriptions are now on the blog (under Course Descriptions). http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea/ All the Co-op Registration Material will be on the blog (hopefully) within a few days. I'm waiting on a few details on two classes.

  • Heads-Up on Co-op Registration and Course Descriptions

    Course descriptions will be available exclusively here on the blog (not in "the packets") this year. I have begun to upload them, so please become familiar with where they are and ask me if you need any help. I hope to have them all up by early next week.

  • Co-op Registration Begins Tomorrow!