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  • Updated Co-op Schedule & Course Descriptions

    Drama has been added to the 2014-2015 Co-op schedule! Please read carefully the course description as there are some changes. Also please read Luke's course description carefully as grades will be given next year.

  • Course Descriptions & Room Assignments - Please Check

    Almost all of the course descriptions are up. 4-6 History is not ready yet, and the Computer class' description is there, but it is a draft (with missing class fees), as the class is still tentative. TEACHERS - PLEASE CHECK your course description to see if it is correct.

  • Copy Costs per student for your Course Descriptions

    1-4 copies per student per week: $5 5-8 copies per student per week: $10 9-11 copies per student per week: $15 12-15 copies per student per week: $20 If you need a higher number of copies, email me for your copy amount. Your course descriptions should have: Student Fee $xx (Payable to (teacher name) Copy Fee $xx (Payable to Sovereign Grace Church) If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks!

  • Course Descriptions

    Our schedule for next year is almost solidified! (Updated schedule on the blog.) There are a few classes still finding their home, and we are still pursuing a teacher for one class, but most are set (and the schedule looks great)! Teachers - unless we've talked about an exception, your course descriptions are due to me by email by February 28.

  • Course Descriptions and next year's schedule

    Course descriptions for next year are due by February 28! (Send them to me electronically in the right format. If you need info.

  • Update

    1. Jr. High Sculpture is happening!

  • Course Descriptions are on the blog!

    With the exception of Katie S.'s (still waiting for fall college schedule to check availability), the Course Descriptions for next year are on the blog. Teachers, please take a look at yours to make sure that everything is correct. If anyone sees a left-over one from last year or a missing one or other mistakes, please let me know.

  • This year's course descriptinons and schedule....

    This current year's Course Descriptions and Schedule and Room Assignments will be disappearing from the blog this week in order to make room for the new ones. If you want any of these to save for your students' or your own records, please get them from the blog this week. Thanks!

  • Course Descriptions

    Course descriptions for next year's classes are due by Thursday of this week. See previous posting for details, or email me with questions. I actually do not need contact info on the course description, just teacher(s) name.

  • Course Descriptions

    Due by the end of February (to me electronically) Course Description on one page. (If you have a “contract” – that can be an additional page.) Tell me how many copies you will be making per student per week so I can assess your copy fee. And let me know who will be receiving the class money if there is more than one teacher.

  • Get your course descriptions if you are going to need them

    The current course descriptions from this year (2012-2013) will be disappearing in the next few months to make room for the new ones. I will post one final reminder before I take them off, but if you are going to want them for your records or to be able to access for the whole year, please get them off the blog and save them on your computer. Thanks

  • New Course Descriptions Are Up

    All the Course Descriptions for Co-op 2012-2013 are up. Just go to the blog and look under "Course Descriptions" (under the big "HEA Blog" and above where the posts begin). The registration packet is not up yet, but all the Course Descriptions should be there.

  • Course Descriptions

    I hope to post all the 2012-2013 Course Descriptions on the blog this week (probably not until Friday). That means that all the current course descriptions will disappear. If you want to save any of the current course descriptions, please save them from the blog immediately.

  • Checks at Registration

    If your class is taught by more than one teacher, I need to know who you want the checks made out to. So...please send your course description with your class fee, let me know how many copies per student per week and who is receiving the class fees (and don't forget to include any class contracts - which can be on a second page.) Thanks.

  • Course Descriptions Due in 9 Days! (& Copies!)

    HI all, Your course descriptions are due in 9 days. Also I need to know how many copies you will be making for your students next year. Here are the breakdowns: 1.

  • Course Descriptions Needed

    Due by the end of February (to me electronically) Course Description on one page. (If you have a “contract” – that can be an additional page.) Use Arial 10 pt. font for the entire document First 6 lines are centered, bolded, and double-spaced between lines.

  • We have a U.S. History Class! (Graded 10-12)

    Dawn Okada and Gina Lannon have decided to offer a small U.S. History class for grades 10-12 on Thursday afternoons 1:00-2:00. The course description is under Course Descriptions, and I've included it here as well.

  • couple of changes

    Sara Eaton's World Geography is now for grades 6-7 and the fee is slightly increased. Sara Jane's European History has some updates - new ISBN numbers (I think.) Science 5-6 is now uploaded. Intro to Speech and Comm.'s fee is slightly increased.

  • Course Descriptions and Registration Material on the blog

    Almost all of the Course Descriptions are now on the blog (under Course Descriptions). http://www.sovgracefairfax.org/hea/ All the Co-op Registration Material will be on the blog (hopefully) within a few days. I'm waiting on a few details on two classes.

  • Heads-Up on Co-op Registration and Course Descriptions

    Course descriptions will be available exclusively here on the blog (not in "the packets") this year. I have begun to upload them, so please become familiar with where they are and ask me if you need any help. I hope to have them all up by early next week.

  • Copy Fee for Next Year's Co-op

    Teachers, For next year..... I once again need to know approximately how many copies you will be making - either total each week, total for the year, total per student - whatever is easier for you to figure out. And then I need to add a copy fee to your class fee.

  • Course Descriptions

    Hi Teachers for next year's Co-op, I need your course descriptions by Feb. 28th. They need to be in Arial 10 pt.